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Appendix A - The scope is what defines how and what the...

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Appendix A Discuss ways you might measure the quality of a system. What specific metrics would you use? After reading the appendix I have came to the conclusion that despite what one might think, there are actually many ways to measure the quality of a system. A system in this case can be described as a variety of processes or components that function together to achieve an outcome. The main factor of measuring the quality of a system is focused on the outcome. Quality is based on the specified scope of the project.
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Unformatted text preview: The scope is what defines how and what the system should do this also includes benefits to the business from the system. If the end result meets the scope specifications (does what was suppose to) then the system was successful. The quality can also be determined by efficiency and reliability of the system. In other words was the system run with the lowest cost and shortest amount of time? Can you count on this system to work every time?...
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