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reading resp2 - conceived was known as ‘Sumud’...

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Rizma Zahid Butt BBA (Hons) History of Palestine Reading Response: The Third Way – Raja Shehadeh ‘The Third Way’, a book written by Raja Shehadeh, is a compilation of true events, stories, and short accounts, giving the reader a gist of the life in the West Bank. After the 1967-War, the West Bank Palestinians found themselves under Israeli occupation and unbearable conditions. They were under the Israeli military administration, with no political rights or connection with the various liberation organizations. The communication cut off was largely due to the colonization of these areas. As a result of their condition, the democratic alternative or ‘The Third Way’
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Unformatted text preview: conceived was known as ‘Sumud’, “steadfastness” or “the state of perseverance”. 1 The idea behind ‘Sumud’ is to hang on tightly to their homes no matter what. According to Shehadeh, they are prisoners in their own homes and they must not yield to the temptations designed by the jailers. ‘The Third Way’ can also be referred to as the accumulation of random pages from Raja Shehadeh’s diary. He talks about a boy named Johnny, who is loved by everyone. Johnny is described as ‘hope’ by some people just like a flash of light in an extremely dark room. Footnotes: 1. Raja Shehadeh, “The Third Way: Preface”, pg. 366. 2....
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reading resp2 - conceived was known as ‘Sumud’...

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