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Feasibility  Matrix Solution Our Solution Alternative 1 Alternative 2 Alternative 3 Description Recommend  software and  hardware  purchases/upgrad es as well as an  easy training  system to make  the company more  efficient and  profitable Using outside  consultants such  as Deloitte to fulfill  their business  problems Clean-slate  reengineering  where the  company  completely  replaces all their  older systems with  newer updated  machines Update current  systems without  replacing any  equipment Operational X  (Still able to  perform current  business  processes) X (consulting  company will make  sure the IS meets  their operational  needs) Risky, may not be  able to perform  current processes  once  implementation is  complete Not as efficient as  they could be  because older  systems will still  slow them down Technical
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Unformatted text preview: X (will have current H/W, S/W) X (they will have current H/W, S/W) X (will have current H/W, S/W) Not able to be updated as much as new equipment can (i.e. machines running 98 may not be able to be updated to XP) Schedule X (will not take very long to implement) Requires a large amount of time for the process to be complete (Consulting, recommendations, implementation) Requires large amount of time for the project to be completely implemented X (Will not require much time to implement updates) Economic X (they have the money to do this) Expensive Expensive since every piece of equipment and software is complete X (Inexpensive since no new equipment must be purchased)...
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