practicefinal - PRACTIC FINAL FOR ETHICS- Exam is on 15 May...

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Discussions on 6 May and last day of class after the student vs SI debate. T or F 1.___f__ Alternative nuclear transfer differs from SCNT in that the somatic nucleus in put in the egg before enucleating. 2. ___t___Bribery is an accepted part of business practice in Russia. 3. ___t___Rule Utilitarianism is based on precedent for what is accepted as correct. 4. ___t__Slippery slope is an argument used for many situations that do not have a clear ethical or unethical consequence. 5. ___f__Autologous progenitor cell transplantation violates the autonomy of the embryo. 6. _____Sexual harassment rules require the victim to report the situation to an institutional official. 7. ___t__Not keeping a promise can be justified by prima facie priorities. 8. ___t__Telling a lie is always ethically wrong according to Kant. 9. __t__Censorship of Internet material is like blocking marketing calls. 10.__f___Risk analysis requires only a professional statistician to avoid bias. 11. __f__Some caffeine can be used to increase performance in sports. 12.___t__It is possible to obtain stem cells from your own blood or organs. 13. ____ Reprogramming somatic cells to become embryonic stem cells and obtaining oocytes from germ cells of the gonadal ridge in aborted fetuses for use in nuclear transfer are two alternate sources of obtaining stem cells other than via disaggregation of embryos. 14.____The issuance of Department of Health and Human Services Rules and Regulations 45 CFR Part 46 was the first set of rules for the protection human research subjects. 15.__f___The zygote is the embryo from an enucleated egg. 16.__t____Act Utilitarianism is the common form of the philosophy that is most often in conflict with autonomy. 17.(4pts) Provide TWO arguments each for “for” and “against” human cloning “For” - ___1._Enhancement 2.Provide parents with a replacement for loss. “Against” 1. Violation of autonomy of new born who has rights to natural processes.2.Not safe. 18.(4 pts)Risk analysis of gene therapy to improve the behavior of bone marrow stem cells for repair of the lining cells of capillaries is proposed using a virus particle that has the gene for certain growth factors. It is the ethical duty of the innovator of this procedure to investigate the consequences and safety. Name 4 of the 5 tools used to evaluate the safety of this approach. animal experiments. 2. peer review 3. informed consent 4. IRB approval 5. prospective analysis of outcomes. 19. . The legal document one uses to declare how they are to be treated in the event they are in coma with a terminal illness is known as. 20. Religions and most cultures throughout history refer to this concept as that which underlies acceptable
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practicefinal - PRACTIC FINAL FOR ETHICS- Exam is on 15 May...

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