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JOHN CARROLL UNIVERSITY MN202 BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS Spring 2007 Instructor: Thomas A. Conklin, Ph.D. T, Th 8:30-9:30; 10:45-12:30 W 6-6:30 and by appointment E-mail: [email protected] Telephone: (216) 397-3037 office Prerequisite: Basic Composition REQUIRED TEXT Locker, Kitty O. Business and Administrative Communication . (7 th Ed.) McGraw Hill-Irwin. RECOMMENDED BOOKS Zinsser, William On Writing Well . American Psychological Association. Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association . (5 th Ed.) Washington, DC. RECOMMENDED RESOURCES Dictionary and thesaurus. COURSE DESCRIPTION The Business Communications course is designed to help you become better communicators as you prepare to become business professionals. During the semester, you will learn how to become better writers and speakers. To develop and polish these skills, this class is approached as a problem solving course. These problems can be solved by clear, correct and complete communication. Our work will focus on writing effective letters, memos and reports and delivering top-notch presentations. COURSE OBJECTIVES 1. In theory - learn how to analyze business communication problems and the components (proper tone, word choice, grammar and spelling) of good communication. 2. In practice - apply knowledge and understanding to develop the communication skills that will make you a more successful business person. COURSE REQUIREMENTS 1. Absenteeism and tardiness may lower your grade. (See the Grading section for detail.) If you are unable to attend class, please notify me. Attendance will be taken. 2. Please put your name (first and last), the title of the assignment , chapter and page number of the text if appropriate, and date on all assignments. 3. All written assignments must be done on a word processor.
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GRADING 3 letters and 1 memo (20 points ea.) 80 93-96 = A 73-76 = C Business report 80 90-92 = A- 70-72 = C- Business report presentation 50 87-89 = B+ 67-69 = D+ Multicultural presentation 40 83-86 = B 63-66 = D Midterm 70 80-82 = B- 60-62 = D- Final exam 80 77-79 = C+ 59 or below = F Total points 400 If you fail to submit a letter or memo in class on the assigned day, one point will
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