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harvard bus review - 1.) Theresa Kaschak 2.) Friedman, S....

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1.) Theresa Kaschak 2.) Friedman, S. D. (April 2008). Be a Better Leader, Have a Richer Life. Harvard Business Review , 86 (4), 112-118. Retrieved April 2008, EBSCO. 3.) This article discusses how many executives fill their lives entirely with work, and then they are left unsatisfied because other areas of their life, such as family, service, and their individual heath, are not getting enough attention. In order to be a great leader, there must be a balance between work, family, community, and self. Performance will increase in all areas of life when you learn how to be more effective in the four previous mentioned areas. Also, you can’t look at the situation as a zero-sum game, but realize that all four areas can improve at once. One example mentioned is about a manager named Ken who had goals of becoming CEO, getting more involved in his community, and strengthening bonds with his family. He achieved all of these by becoming a part of a city-based community board. By doing this, he improved his leadership skills that led him to become CEO. Also, he was directly giving back to the community and being about to relate more to members of his family like his sister who was a teacher. His fiancée joined the board with him and allowed the two to spend more quality time together while giving back to the community at the same time. In order to get the desired results as Ken did, it is important to set goals that allow you to decide what is important, how to act with integrity and respect, and also be open to creative options. By combing the various aspects of your life together, you’ll have a 1
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harvard bus review - 1.) Theresa Kaschak 2.) Friedman, S....

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