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Chapter 14 *Constant Time Method -Activity times are assumed to be constant -May be referred to as Critical Path Method (CPM) *Start at beginning of network and proceed to the end *If there is a due date, use this for the LF time for the last activity *Program Evaluation & Review Technique (PERT) -Assumes activity times are variable -Uses time estimates to create a single time estimate for each activity *Optimistic-Activity has 1% chance of meeting or bettering *Pessimistic-Activity has 99% chance of meeting or bettering *Most Likely-Most realistic estimate of time required to perform activity -Probablistic time estimates can be made for completion
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Unformatted text preview: *Activity-on-Arrow (AOA)-Activities are arrows & nodes are events *Events-Where there is a completion of one or more events and the beginning of another *Activity-on-Node (AON)-Activities are nodes & arrows represent relationship between activites *Concept of Critical Path-Path w/ longest duration in the network-Project cant be completed in less than the time of the critical path *Concept of Total Slack-The total duration of time activities outside the critical path can slip by & still not affect the project completion date *Critical Path Method (CPM)-Assumes activity times can be reduced by adding more resources-The focus is to reduce critical path activities *Crash the activities that are least costly to do so...
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