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BLACK BOY-BOOK Richard Wright Great Depression enveloped the country and he had to work so many jobs to support his family Joined Communist Party in 1934 writing for their publications  and meeting many other disaffected writers, artists, and  -intellectuals who were also Party members moved to New York and became Harlem editor of  The Daily  Worker,  a Communist publication wrote black boy in 1945 around the time WorldWar2 ended died of a heart attack in 1960 Taking their cue from the infamous “separate but equal” ruling  of  Plessy v. Ferguson
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Unformatted text preview: (1896), the Jim Crow laws mandated segregation of black from white not only in physical spaces such as -restaurants, trains, movie theaters, and hospitals, but also in social arenas such as marriage. • the American Communist Party attracted many idealists, including Wright • Richard begins to find Communism appealing, especially its emphasis on protecting the oppressed. • Radical som • One day, while playing at Granny’s house, Richard sees a regiment of black soldiers training for World War I •...
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