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Amy Owens Journal Article 2-25-2008 Willingness to Communicate About Health This article was written Kevin Wright, Larry Fray, and Pradeep Soppry to tell people about the different attitudes that different people have in regard to their health care information and who finds out about it. The article tells about how an open line of communication between a patient and their doctor can have a positive effect on the relationship between the patient and the doctor as well as on the health of the patient in general. The article also asks the question of whether or not the self image that a person holds of themselves has an effect on the amount to which they are willing to talk openly with people, including their doctors, about their health and their health care needs. The article tells about the importance of self-empowerment in patients and also in patient’s self advocacy. This article tells about the traits that a person need to have in order to create and
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Unformatted text preview: maintain an open line of communication between themselves and their health care providers. For example, people need to have at least a limited medical knowledge and a self esteem high enough to realize how much they deserve to gain from their experience at their medical care facility. The article then debates whether willingness to communicate about medical history is a personality trait or not. It defines the term personality trait and then it goes on to give examples. The end of the article has the numbers from the research that was done on this subject. I agree that a persona self esteem has a lot to do with how much they are willing to assert themselves. I also think that the amount in which someone speaks up doesn’t reflect how much someone cares about their wellbeing, only their assertivness....
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