Eng 224 Huck Finn

Eng 224 Huck Finn - and soon decide they should leave in order to not get caught because both are being looked for They then make a trip down the

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Huck Finn The book begins with Huckleberry Finn talking about a treasure he and a friend, Tom Sawyer, found. The money is given to Judge Thatcher as an investment for Huck and Tom to receive a dollar a day. Later, Widow Douglas takes him in, in attempt of teaching him. Huck's father, Pap, comes into town and is harassing Huck. Pap ends up kidnapping him and taking him to a cabin. Huck’s father Pap locks him in a room in the cabin. Huck realizes he has to escape. He eventually finds a way out and plans a scene to fake his death. Huck set it up to look like someone had broken in to the cabin and killed him and dragged him down to the river. Huck then gets in a canoe he found and escapes down the river to Jackson’s island where he finds Jim. Jim and Huck move into a cave with all their belongings
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Unformatted text preview: and soon decide they should leave in order to not get caught, because both are being looked for. They then make a trip down the Mississippi river and run into some adventures. They start out finding a boat with a dead guy on it so Huck and Jim take his money which allows them to survive with food and water. Huck decided to go ashore to talk a woman inside a shack to find out the latest news about the search for him. Huck and Jim float through St. Louis stealing and killing to stay alive. One of the lootings occurred on a boat of other looters. Huck got things such as books, clothes, and cigars. Huck and Jim being very mysterious people decide to make a sort of sacrifice and read books to make they feel better for doing such harmful things to so many people....
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