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Lecture2_Acculturation - Introduction to Acculturation PSY...

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Unformatted text preview: Introduction to Acculturation PSY M107 / AAS M117 Outline Definition Issues: Unidimensional vs. Bidimensional Models Acculturation as a Process Acculturative Stress For fun Things to Keep in Mind 5 Types of Acculturating Groups 2 Levels of Acculturation Acculturation Definition: Acculturation is what happens when groups of individuals from different cultures come into continuous first hand contact and changes occur in the original cultural patterns of either group. (Berry) Acculturation: Keep in Mind Different than Assimilation Both majority and minority groups change Situations involving Acculturation Absorption of a minority group by dominant group can be one phase in acculturation Examples are everywhere... Asian Americans / Pacific Islanders: Migration, refugee upheavals, colonization,... Five Types of Acculturating Groups Voluntariness Voluntary Involuntary Ethnic Groups Native Peoples Mobility Sedentary Migrant Immigrants Sojourners Refugees Acculturation at Two Levels POPULATION Changes that are cultural, ecological, social, and institutional. INDIVIDUAL Psychological Acculturation Changes in behaviors, values, identity, attitudes, etc... Unidimensional Model of Acculturation Traditional Native Culture SLASIA sample item 11. What is your movie preference? 1. Only Asianlanguage movies 2. Mostly Asianlanguage movies 3. Equally Asian/English Englishlanguage movies 4. Mostly Englishlanguage movies only 5. Englishlanguage movies only Bicultural Assimilated Mainstream Culture Models of Acculturation Heritage Culture Unidimensional model Mainstream Culture Bidimensional Model of Acculturation Is it valuable to maintain cultural identity and characteristics? YES Is it valuable to YES maintain relationships with other groups? NO INTEGRATION SEPARATION NO ASSIMILATION MARGINALIZATION Acculturation Domains Acculturation encompasses multiple domains: Language/communication Customs Selfidentification Preferences, attitudes, values Social network Factors affecting the Acculturation Process Characteristics of Each Group Purpose of contact Length of contact Permanence Population Size Cultural Qualities Acculturation Consequences Behavioral Shifts Acculturative Stress Conflict free changes in behavior Stress resulting from the process of acculturation Results from psychological conflict and social disintegrations Behavior Change & Acculturative Stress during the Acculturation Process HIGH Behavior Change MARGINALIZATION ASSIMILATION INTEGRATION SEPARATION LOW Phase: Precontact Contact Conflict Crisis Adaptation Accult. Low Stressors Tension High Variable Stress: Stress Appear Increases Stress Stress Years in U.S. and MH Symptoms Symptoms Arrival 1 2 3 4 5 Length of Residence Acculturative Stress Acculturation Experience Stressors Acculturative Stress Factors Moderating Relationship Between Acculturation and Stress Mode of acculturation Features of acculturating group Nature of larger society Characteristics of Individual A New Acculturation Scale What Kind of Asian are you? Twinkie "AsianAmerican" Fob SuperFob Fobabee Fobulous thanks to http://www.ghettofob.net/asian.htm ...
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