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Anthr theme 11 - empire These techniques of showing power...

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Theme 11 The Art of Persuasion The leaders of most modern countries use imagery as a powerful tool. Leaders use imagery to show themselves as a powerful or strong person. Techniques of showing ones self as powerful were thought of many years ago and it works. Modern politicians use this effective advertisement as a political tool to better there chance against opponents. In ancient times paint and marble was used to make symbols or statues, now politicians use digital technology and billboards to portray themselves as the best man for the job. Symbols as far back as Darius the Great, once King of Persians, portray a strong image, the archer symbolic of military powers and leadership. Alexander the Great later expanded the concept by imprinting his face on coins that were used throughout his
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Unformatted text preview: empire. These techniques of showing power and leadership work well in the past and continue to work today. In the United States we still have coins and dollar bills with powerful presidents of the past printed on them. Also, middle eastern countries have new money produced yearly portraying the newest leader as a reminder of who to respect. As a consumer of political art I do find these images to be convincing. Many leaders have used art for calculated ends and will continue for centuries to come. I believe people now are more vulnerable to persuasion by art than ever. Billboards, commercials, and radio speeches are heard daily by many due to the Earth being such a technologically advanced place. These broadcasts have a substantial affect on who to vote for or who is viewed as the best....
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