Ant 101 moka and the potlach people

Ant 101 moka and - attain a higher rank Men dance and poor or drink fish oil on them during the Potlach Also during the Potlach lots of home

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Moka and Potlatch The Moka is to pay back a neighboring tribe that host a moka 10 years previously. In the movie the Kawelka gave Ongka’s tribe 400 pigs and Ongka wants to repay them with 600 as well as money and many other gifts. The Kawelka are horticulturalists they raise pigs and grow yams and other vegetables and Ongka is going to repay them. Ongka has given 100 pigs to various friends and relatives in hope of reproduction and the making of a nice moka. The preparations for this moka have taken 5 years and lots of hard work by Ongka. The Potlach is a competitive feast in which people want to rise in their society and
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Unformatted text preview: attain a higher rank. Men dance and poor or drink fish oil on them during the Potlach. Also during the Potlach lots of home accessories or items are given away. During this time a copper shield is sold to the rival for lots of money, or the rival is shamed. The Potlach last is eight hours of singing, dancing, and gift giving. To celebrate Christmas many Americans sing and dance in church then they feast with family and give gifts. During Thanksgiving many feast and get together with family. Festing and giving gifts is a common way of sharing wealth across all cultures....
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