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Hemingway In the stories of In Our Time , Hemingway's writing is full of simple, graphic sentences with little or no description of emotion. Hemingway’s modernist style is powerful and gives the reader a graphic yet entertaining image of what is going on. Throughout any collection of stories written by Ernest Hemingway it is obvious that men are the dominant sex. Hemingway, usually a male orientated writer, tells stories of troubled people trying to cope. In "The Battler" Hemingway writes about a man named Nick Adams who is stranded beside a train track and in pain. Nick walks down the tracks and finds a homeless man by a fire. The man ends up being a famous boxer who has gone crazy. Like “The Battler”, Hemingway writes about Nick in "A Very Short Story". Nick meets a nurse while in the hospital, which he soon falls in love with. They part there ways and communicate rarely as their relationship falls
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Unformatted text preview: apart. Nick then gets gonorrhea from a woman in the back of a cab. In “Soldier’s Home”, we meet Krebs, a soldier who tells lies to get attention. Unlike the previous two stories, “Soldiers Home”, is written as though the narrator knows everything about the character. The narrator knows Krebs thoughts yet describes his actions as though they are two different people. Much like the three previous stories, “The Revolutionist” and “Cat in the Rain” start with the main characters doing something without giving an introduction to who the characters are. “The Revolutionist” is man about a man traveling throughout Italy. “Cat in the Rain” is about an American couple stuck in a hotel. Finally in “Out of Season” Hemingway writes about a couple who is involved, once again, in a childish relationship....
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