Eng 224 A streetcar named desire

Eng 224 A streetcar named desire - about Blanche in Laurel,...

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A Streetcar Named Desire Blanche Dubois, a woman from Mississippi, arrives in New Orleans to stay with her sister Ella. Blanche is always trying to look good, making sure to look young. From the beginning of her stay, Blanche and Stanley, Ella’s husband, do not get along. Later Stanley reveals that Stella is pregnant. Stanley and some friends play poker, one of which is a man named Mitch. Mitch and Blanche hit it off. Blanche turns on the radio and dances with Mitch. Stanley gets mad and throws the radio out the window. Stella gets mad at Stanely and they fight. Mitch and Blanche see each other through out the story and open up to one another. They tell their stories of the past and explain how they both want each other. Stanley being the conniving man his is tries to find dirt on Blanche. He finds information
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Unformatted text preview: about Blanche in Laurel, where she teaches and lives. Blanche lived in a shady hotel full of men. Stanley also found out about a seventeen year old boy who Blanche was involved with. Stanley ends up telling Mitch these stories, Mitch is heart broken and leaves. Stanley gives Blanche a bus ticket and asks her to leave. Later Mitch ask to sleep with Blanche, but Blanche denies. Blanche tells Stanley that she is going on a cruise with another man. Mitch gets angry and Blanche tries to stab Mitch. Blanche thinks she is leaving with some people who arrive but instead it is a doctor and nurse who have showed up to deliver Stellas baby. Blanche and Stella try to stay together but the doctor and nurse take Stella away. Stanley starts another poker game and the curtain closes....
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