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PAPER TOPICS - PAPER TOPICS Essays should be six to eight...

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PAPER TOPICS Essays should be six to eight pages in length. All essays must be handed in at lecture on April 22. Should you wish to work on a topic not listed here, you should submit your proposal in writing to Prof. Kramnick no later than April 14. 1. Construct a Marxist or Platonic critique of Government 161. In what ways would Marx or Plato have applauded the work we have been doing this semester? In what ways would they have criticized it? 2. “Who shall be judge, whether the prince or legislature act contrary to their trust; the people shall be judge.” (Locke, Second Treatise, Chapter 19) Compare and contrast what any three of the following thinkers would say in response to this founding principle of modern liberalism: Plato, Machiavelli, Burke, Mill. 3. When is one person justified in deciding that he or she knows better than a second person what is good for the second person? Discuss with reference to at least three thinkers in the course. 4. “The training in virtue, which the medieval state left to the church, and the polis made its own concern, the
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