GT-MHR_Core_Model - CHNE 498L Nuclear Engineering...

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Unformatted text preview: CHNE 498L Nuclear Engineering Design-spring 2007 Design Topics • Fast Neutron spectrum LWR design for actinides burning Typically use a triangular lattice fuel bundles. Basically the LWR core will be under moderated, thus requiring high enrichment fuel, which is limited to 19wt% • Thermal and neutronic design analysis of the prismatic fuel elements in GT-MHR This is for the co-generation of Hydrogen and electricity. The focus of the project is to alter the current design to reduce the maximum fuel temperature with little effect on neutronics and pressure losses. This project will require expensive use of FloWorks software for thermal analysis and a parallel neutronic calculations using MCNP • Investigation of the performance of the following fuel types on the production of minor actinides in a conventional PWR using a bundle analysis: • (a) (U,Th)O2 homogenous fuel pellets, with 235U enrichment of 4 wt%, and ThO2 content of up to 30 wt%....
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GT-MHR_Core_Model - CHNE 498L Nuclear Engineering...

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