January 8 Lecture - • Conceptual and instrumental reasons...

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Lecture Notes Week 1 Tuesday, 1/8/2008 Introductory Questions 1.    What does the term “Asian American” identify?  Compare what “Asian American”  means to what “American” identifies? 2.    What is emphasized in the term “Asian American” – “Asian” or “American”? 3.    In what ways does “Asian American” represent a single, unified category?  In what  ways does it not? Asian American Panethnicity,      Yen Le Espiritu     1.    Conditions for Asian American panethnicity         •    Racial lumping vs. ethnic disidentification: panethnic Asian American identity as  socially constructed        •    Naming: From “Yellow” to “Oriental” to “Asian American”    •    Asian American panethnic identity and political claims    •    Response to shared histories of violence and discrimination
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Unformatted text preview: • Conceptual and instrumental reasons for identification 2. History of panethnicity (post-1960s historical frame) • Structural causes: political, demographic, linguistic/cultural • Origins of Asian American social institutions: Asian American Studies, Asian American media, community organizations • Relation to other mass movements: Black Power, women’s rights, anti-war movement, New Left, Third World alliances 3. Limits to panethnicity • Intragroup tensions and competing claims: ethnic/national groups, gender, class • Who represents panethnic groups? Who are left out of panethnic political and economic interests? • Shifting interests and aims – from “radical” and resistant to “bourgeois”...
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January 8 Lecture - • Conceptual and instrumental reasons...

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