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BCIS 2610 – FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE 7 March 2008 Exam Time : When your section meets (the exam duration is 2 hours). Exam Location : BUSI 116. EXAM COVERAGE: Total 80 questions Computers and Technology Ch. 2 and 3 – 20 questions PowerPoint (Tutorials 1 -2) – 20 questions Front Page (Chapters 1 - 5) – 20 questions Excel, Ch. 1-5 – 20 questions REMINDER OF EXAM POLICIES 1. You must present your Student ID card, when turning in the exam. 2. You will receive a numbered copy of exam questions (the Exam) and ONE scantron. 3. You need to put your name on the scantron and on the Exam. 4. Put a large first letter of your LAST name on the reverse side of your scantron. 5. Turn in the scantron and the Exam. 6. Closed books, closed notes. No electronic devices. Cell phones should be switched off. MATERIAL TO BE COVERED ON THE EXAM ***(This is an NOT an exhaustive list of topics, but paying more attention on these areas will help you focus your exam preparation effort.)*** COMPUTERS AND TECHNOLOGY, CHAPTERS 2 & 3 CHAPTER 2 KEY TERMS Term Definition bar-code reader A handheld or stationary device that reads bar codes, such as UPC codes. byte A group of 8 bits, normally used to represent one character to a computer. CD (compact disc) A type of optical disc; common formats include CD- ROM, CD-R, and CD+RW. central processing unit (CPU) The chip located inside the system unit of a computer that performs the processing for a computer. communications device A piece of hardware, such as a network adapter or modem, that allows one PC to communicate with others over a network. data Raw, unorganized facts. digital camera An input device that takes pictures and records them as digital data (instead of film or videotaped) images.
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display device An output device that conveys output visually. DVD (digital versatile disc) A high-capacity optical disc; common formats include DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, and DVD+RW. electronic pen An input device, resembling an ordinary pen; used to select objects, draw, or write electronically on the screen. file Something stored on a storage medium, such as a program, document, or image. file management The process of organizing and managing the files on a storage medium, such as copying, moving, deleting, and renaming files. filename A name given to a file by the user that is used to retrieve the file at a later time. flash memory card A small, rectangular type of flash memory medium, such as a CompactFlash or Secure Digital (SD) card. flash memory drive A small drive that usually plugs into a PCs USB port and contains flash memory media. floppy disk A low-capacity, removable magnetic disk made of flexible plastic permanently sealed inside a hard plastic cover. floppy drive
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Final%20Exam%20Study%20guide - BCIS 2610 FINAL EXAM STUDY...

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