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Midterm Study Guide

Midterm Study Guide - Midterm Exam Study Guide Section 1...

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Midterm Exam Study Guide Section 1: Q&A 1. Pushing Daisies Executive Producer, Dan Jinks, labels the medium of television a writer’s medium. Why does Jinks believe those writers are so crucial to the show? a. Because the director is absent for the better part of production, the writer/creator essentially sees the project all the way through, thus the final product is his vision 2. Narration plays a significant role in Pushing Daisies. What reason did Jinks give for why narration is so crucial to the first episode? a. Narration makes the plot easier to follow. In Pushing daisies, it serves as an efficient way of informing the audience of details of the plot. 3. How did Jinks pitch the idea of the show to ABC? Why did he feel that the show was a good fit for ABC as a network? a. Basically just pitched the plot about a guy who has the ability to wake the dead, but learns that it has negative consequences. b. Because ABC has other similarly unique shows such s Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty that portray themes not usually seen on TV. 4. Gossip Girl executive Producer, Josh Schwartz, said that he received two criticisms from TV critics for several aspects of Gossip Girl. Discuss two of them and his reasons for keeping them in the show. a. The critics thought the amount of sex, drugs and drinking wasn’t realistic or appropriate for the network. Schwartz left these aspects in the show because he believed these aspects to be essential in their authenticity. 5. Schwartz described using a “Trojan Horse” as part of his storytelling approach in the O.C., Chuck and Gossip Girl. Describe what he meant by this idea. a. The strategy behind the Trojan Horse method of storytelling is to draw people in by showing the glitz and glamour of the upper class and the worlds they live in and then convey universal themes 6. Mad Men creator, Matthew Weiner, said that premiering in the middle of summer was beneficial to the show. Explain. a. Good timing because Mad Men didn’t have to compete with pre- established, big network shows such as American Idol. Its launch on AMC came at a time where not a lot of new television shows were being premiered and was thus, able to establish a niche audience and get attention from the press. 7. What reason did Weiner, Creator and Exec. Producer of Mad Men give for setting the show in an ad agency. a. People who work in ad agencies have creative and self-destructive personalities in a field full of deadlines. There is an inherent tension
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within the storyline that makes for entertaining television.
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