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Sources of VDJ Diversity

Sources of VDJ Diversity - Coding joint recombination is...

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Sources of V(D)J Diversity Why is antibody diversity important? The more robust, and diverse the pool of antibodies, the better equipped an organism is to deal with pathogens. (1) Possible Combinations from Segments (2) Junctional Diversity (i.e. Hairpin loop resolution) (3) Variation in # of Germline Segments Between People
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Unformatted text preview: Coding joint recombination is very imprecise Cleavage of the hairpin itself is random Junctional diversity falls with in CDR3, and that's why its the most variable of the CDRs Pros: Increases the pool of distinct antibodies Cons: 2/3 of recombinations yield a non-reading frame...
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