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Class Switching - Class Switching Recombination works...

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Class Switching Alternative Splicing The same B Cell can make the membrane-bound OR soluble IgM AND IgD through alternative splicing. The Ig DNA contains 2 poly-A sites: The 5' poly-A will result in secreted antibodies The 3' poly-A encodes a hydrophobic alpha-helix which acts and an anchor for the antibodies Class Switching Recombination IgA, IgG, IgE are produced by somatic DNA recombination. In this way, the progeny of a single B Cell can make many isotypes.
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Unformatted text preview: Class Switching Recombination works through Switch Sequences , which are repetitive DNA segments that are located 5' to each constant segment. Intermediary DNA lost through recombination loses the isotype capabilities encoded in those segments. Since double stranded breaks are made like VDJ recombination, it also requires much of the same machinery like DNA-PK Cytokines (interleukins) direct class switching....
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