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Hybridomas - a week Cloning hybridomas from fusion Plate at...

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Hybridoma Generation Selection for Hybridomas HGPRT is part of the purine salvage pathway HAT medium uses drugs that inhibit denovo purine synthesis, but it contains hypoxathine and thymidine for the salvage pathways Since Myeloma cells used for selection are HGPRT-, they will die because they won't be able to perform DNA/RNA synthesis The normal B-cells that do have HGPRT will only survive for
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Unformatted text preview: a week Cloning hybridomas from fusion Plate at limiting dilution (<1 cell/well) in 96 well plates. Allow clones to expand. Expand positive well and test for production of antibody of desired specificity in culture supernatant Benefits of Monoclonal vs. Polyclonal (1) Consistent (2) Limitless supply (3) Easier to test for cross-reactivity...
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