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An important theme relevant to Hinduism and Indian culture that intrigued me was that of the system of the Hindu Caste, which classifies humans in five different categories and whichever level one is born to is meant to depict the level of good or bad done in a Hindu individuals previous life. “The position which each caste occupies in the local hierarchy is frequently not clear. It is true, however, that in most areas of the country Brahmins are placed at the top and Untouchables at the bottom” In the movie Sujata, a girl of the lowest level of the Caste system, the untouchables, falls in love with a Brahmin, highest level of the caste
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Unformatted text preview: system, but their love is suppressed by elders who believe strongly in their tradition that One should marry their own kind. It is interesting that discrimination • Marriage is a popular way that Indians affirm there culture. From the wedding ceremony to the pursuit of an eligible partner, Indians are deeply influenced by their traditional and spiritual customs. In most western societies love is largely done for love, however, most white people still marry other white people. Black people generally marry black people. The same goes for Chinese, Arabic, Latin, Indian and most other communities....
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