Antigenicity and Immunogenicity

Antigenicity and Immunogenicity - (6) High Susceptibility...

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Antigens => substances that are recognized by the immune system Immunogens => substances recognized by the immune system AND elicit an immune response Haptens => small molecules that can't alone stimulate an immune response, but can be an antigen Adjuvants => substances/solutions that enhance the immunogenicity of antigens Factors determining Immunogenicity (1) High Foreignness (2) Larger Size (3) High Complexity (4) Intermediate Dose (5) Subcut. Route of Administration
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Unformatted text preview: (6) High Susceptibility to Phagocytosis (7) Genotype of Host esp MHC Adjuvants Mechanisms of Action (1) Trigger the innate immune system (2) Promote phagocytosis of antigen (3) Slow the release of antigen Common Adjuvants (1) Freund's Complete Adjuvant: emulsified mineral oil and mycobacterial extract (2) Freund's Incomplete Adjuvant Caveat The most effective adjuvants can't be used in humans because they tend to be toxic via a hyper-inflammation mechanism...
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