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B- Cell Development Lymphoid Stem Cell Pro-B Cell Pre-B Cell Immature B-Cell Heavy Chain Completion The surrogate light chains are only produced during the Pre-B cell stage These chains are homologous to V/C lambda—these genes don't rearrange The Ig alpha/beta complex senses that Heavy chain rearrangement is complete and stops heavy chain rearrangement while initiating light chain rearrangement Gene expression changes (tdt off) and anti-apoptotic signals enhance
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Unformatted text preview: * Allelic Exclusion Allelic Exclusion is the inactivation of a heavy chain allele and a light chain allele Recombination of the other allele will only occur if the other allele unsuccessfully recombines If both alleles were recombined and expressed, the b cell would have problems regulating antibody production The sensing of successful recombination turns off VDJ recombination...
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