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HW12 - times larger than the object Find the focal length...

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1 Homework 12 1. Follow the example in today’s class and discuss the image property of an object in front of a concave mirror in the cases that (a) p > 2f , (b) p = 2f, (c ) 2f >p > f , (d) p = f , (e) f > p . 2. A person walks into a room that has two flat mirrors on opposite walls. The mirrors produce multiple images of the person. When the person is 5.00 ft from the mirror on the left wall and 10.0 ft from the mirror on the right wall, find the distance from the person to the first three images seen in the mirror on the left. 3. (a) A concave mirror forms an inverted image four
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Unformatted text preview: times larger than the object. Find the focal length of the mirror, assuming the distance between the object and image is 60.0 cm. (b) A convex mirror forms a virtual image half the size of the object. Assuming the distance between the image and object is 20.0 cm, determine the radius of the curvature of the mirror. 4. A spherical mirror is to be used to form, on a screen located 5.00 m from the object, an image five times the size of the object. (a) Describe the type of the mirror required. (b) Where should the mirror be positioned relative to the object?...
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