quiz1 - axis 2 A charge of ±3.50 μ C(= ± 3.50 × 10-6 C...

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Quiz 1 Name: ID: 1. Positive charges with magnitudes 3.50 mC (=3.50 × 10 -3 C) and 6.75 mC are located at the origin and at the point (10.00, 0) meters on the x axis, respectively. What are the strength and direction of the field they generate at the point (0, 10.00) meters on the y
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Unformatted text preview: axis? 2. A charge of ±3.50 μ C (= ± 3.50 × 10-6 C) is located on the x axis at x = ±4.00 m, and a second point charge of 4.00 μ C is located at x = 6.00 m. Where should a third point charge of 6.00 μ C be placed to make the electric field zero at the origin?...
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