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History 22 Prof. Getty Spring 2005 Take-home final exam Write on one (1) of the following sections. Pick either Section I or Section II. Do NOT answer both sections. Your total paper should be about 6 pages long and should contain references to the readings and lectures, as appropriate to the topics and examples you discuss. You cannot talk about everything and you cannot tell the whole chronological story. Make a selective outline of what you consider the main points to discuss. Then, discuss them using specific examples and evidence (especially from the readings) to illustrate and support what you say. Turn in your papers to your TA on Monday, June 13. You must also submit your paper to turnitin.com. Section I (If you choose Section I, answer ONLY this question for the exam)
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Unformatted text preview: Discuss the ideologies of pro-imperialists and anti-imperialists in the 20th century. What were the arguments for and against imperialism? Who made them? Be specific in your use of the readings for the course, and make sure you include Said and Fanon. OR Section II (If you choose Section II, answer all 3 of the following questions for the exam) 1. How did Europe change from a region of imperial powers to a battle ground for the Cold War? 2. Compare the views of Fanon and Said on decolonization. 3. Compare and contrast decolonization in two (2) of the following countries: India, China, Vietnam, and the Middle East. What were the similarities and differences? What ideologies were involved? What were the roles of the European powers? The U.S.?...
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