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HW6 - expected readings of the ammeter and voltmeter 4 The...

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1 Homework 6 1. (a) Find the equivalent resistance between points a and b . (b) A potential difference of 34.0 V is applied between points a and b . Calculate the current in each resistor and the power consumed by each resistor. 2. The ammeter reads current 2.00 A. Find current direction in the ammeter , the currents I 1 , I 2 and the emf ε . 3. A voltmeter reads voltage or potential difference. Consider the circuit shown in the figure. What are the
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Unformatted text preview: expected readings of the ammeter and voltmeter? 4. The switch S has been open for a long time. It is then suddenly closed. Assuming that t = 0 when the switch is closed. Determine (a) the time constant before the switch is closed. (b) the current through the 100 k Ω after the switch is closed, (c) The current in the switch. A V...
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