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INDV101: Language Exam 2 Review Sheet Spring 2008 On exam day: 1. Please plan to be ON TIME to the exam. Showing up late will not only shorten the time you will have to complete your exam, but may be disruptive to your classmates, so please be considerate. 2. Make sure you know your section number! 3. Bring a #2 pencil – you will be recording many of your answers on a scantron sheet that will be provided to you during the exam period. You may also bring a pen to complete the short answer portion of the exam if you do not wish to write in pencil 4. All your belongings, other than your writing implements, must be placed along the wall in the lecture hall during the exam. The fewer belongings you bring, the better. You must remove all hats and caps before the exam. 5. You will not be allowed to leave and re-enter the room to finish your exam except in the case of emergency. Exam material: You are responsible for all information contained in lectures and readings from February 20 to April 2, with the exception of the lecture from March 31. Following is a list of
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