Mechanical WG - a. 1 as in the position given in the top...

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CE210 – spring 2008 Final Project – Mechanical Due: 1pm Wednesday, May 7, 2008 Where: Homework box on room 206 CE BLDG Requirements The project has to be submitted on hard copy (printed) and on soft copy (procedure TBA). A cover page has to be put as first page with all data about the author using the outline specified in the syllabus. Project without complete information about student and other data will be considered as zero. Any late submission will NOT be accepted. Drawing In the next page a simple 3D and front view is given of a “Geneva wheel assembly”. Based on the dimensions given, the project must include: 1. Total 3 3D views of the assembly (solid isometric/pictorial view), in which:
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Unformatted text preview: a. 1 as in the position given in the top picture; b. 1 in the position where the two centers of rotations and the pin are aligned (pin in the center); c. 1 as the pin is the opposite position with respect to the line conducted between the two centers of rotations; 2. 2D orthographic views as follow: a. 1 front view of the left wheel (crown wheel); b. 1 front view and 1 side view of the right wheel (with pin), aligning the pin and the center of rotation along the vertical axis; 3. 2D section view of the right wheel, along a longitudinal plane passing through the pin axis; All 2D views have to be printed separately in each paper, and they MUST have scale and dimensions as well. 1 2...
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Mechanical WG - a. 1 as in the position given in the top...

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