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MAE 101A Fluid Mechanics, Winter 2008 Regarding Midterm 1 Closed book. Closed notes. No calculator. There will be 3 problems. Summary of Material Chap. 1. Introduction Sections 1.1-1.11 Continuum description. Velocity vector field. Streamlines, pathlines and streaklines. Material properties: density, viscosity, surface tension. Shear stress for a Newtonian fluid. Reynolds number, Mach number. Some flow classifications: Viscous/Inviscid, Laminar/Turbulent, Internal/External, Compressible/Incompressible. Chap. 2. Fluid Statics Sections 2.1-2.10 The basic equation of fluid statics. Pressure variation in a compressible fluid. Manome- ters. Forces and moments on submerged bodies: plane surface, curved surface. Pres- sure variation in rigid body motion (not included for midterm but included for final).
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Unformatted text preview: • Important Fluid Mechanics Formulae you need to know Equations for streamline, pathline, streakline. Relation between shear stress and shear rate. The basic equation of fluid statics. Ideal gas equation of state. Calculation of hydro-static force on a plane surface and a submerged surface. Modification to the basic equation of fluid statics by rigid body acceleration. • Following formulae and information will be given to you during the exam if required Center of pressure, Eq (2.29) and axes as in Fig. 2.11. Moments of inertia will be provided. y CP =-I xx sin θ h CG A x CP =-I xy sin θ h CG A...
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