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QUIZ SECTION_________ Remarks 1. Parts I.A and I.B (26 pts) are due when you arrive for lab #5. The report sheet for I.A should be printed out from the162 lab website. 2. Parts II and III (39 pts) of the lab are due at the end of the lab period, so print out the report sheet for these parts and bring it with you to lab. I.A: PERIODIC TRENDS EXERCISE: A Computer Study Using the instructions and tutorial in the lab manual (pgs 55-63), process the plots for the properties listed below. When two groups or two periods appear one after another, it means you should plot the two on the same graph. Comment on the trend by indicating something like “increases down a group” or “decrease from left to right across a period” A sketch should take you no more than 30 seconds! The explanation of the trend should address the reasons behind the trend. Why do you observe a certain trend? Atomic Radius
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lab_handout_162_Exp_5_Prelab_Exercises_042408 - NAME_ QUIZ...

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