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Spring 2008 CHEMISTRY 162 Professor Joe Norman Quiz #2: Acid-Base Reactions and Solutions 25 minutes Your Grade: _____ out of 13 points Name: ____________________________________ No calculators, notes, or other paper allowed (use back of this sheet for scratch paper). You may use any information on the accompanying periodic table. 1. (2 points). Solutes are listed below with a pair of possible solvents. Circle the solvent in each pair that dissolves more of the solute (at temperatures where both solvents are liquid). Solute Solvents a. KBr H 2 O or (C 2 H 5 ) 2 O (closer in polarity) b. KOH H 2 O or H 2 SO 4 (strong vs. weak acid) c. CH 3 OH HF or HI (hydrogen bonding) d. CH 3 I HF or C 6 H 14 (closer in polarity) 2. (2 points). Rank the following compounds in order of decreasing water solubility (1 = most soluble; 4 = least soluble). −Δ H lattice increases as ion charge/size increases. Charge changes here (1+/1 to 2+/2 ) are much bigger than size changes. _ 2
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