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Spring 2008 CHEMISTRY 162 Professor Joe Norman Quiz #1: Review; Molecular Orbitals 25 minutes Your Grade: _____ out of 13 points Name: ____________________________________ No calculators, notes, or other paper allowed (use back of this sheet for scratch paper). You may use any information on the accompanying periodic table. 1. (4 points). Circle the atom in each pair below that will be positively charged when the two atoms bond to each other. Write ionic or covalent below each pair to indicate the type of bond that will form between the two atoms. See page 5 . B, l N, H, As Li , N covalent covalent covalent ionic 2. (2 points). Write I, C, or B below each compound to indicate whether the bonds in the compound are ionic, covalent, or both. See pages 5 and 6 . CrI 3 GdC l 3 HC l O 4 NaNO 3 _ C _ _ I _ _ C _ _ B _ d + nonmetal f + nonmetal H + polyatomic metal + polyat. 3. (4 points). Below each diatomic molecule or ion, write
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