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Temple of Athena Nike, Ionic order, ca. 425 B.C.E., by CALLICRATES Commemorate Greek victory over Persians. Ionic columns only at the front and rear. The temple's ratio of the column height to its length is 7:1 instead of the customary 9:1 of other Ionic temples. This building was erected on top of the remains of an earlier sixth century temple to Athena, demolished by the Persians in 480 B.C. The total height from the stylobate to the acme of the pediment while the temple remained intact was a modest 23 feet. A cult statue of Athena Nike stood inside the small 5 m x 5 m naos . Parthenon, 447-432 B.C.E., ICTINOS and CALLICRATES The first building t be rebuilt on the burnt Akropolis. It’s Large! 8 columns across the ends (6 is more traditional) and double cahmbered naos. To the east was the larger chamber called the Parthenon housing a treasury to Athena. Doric Order, but with Ionic columns inside. 92 metopes of logos and chaos in 4 ways o East: battle between Olympian gods and earth giants o West: Greeks fighting Amazons (the Persians) o North: Greeks against Trojans o South: Lapiths vs. Centaurs West Pediment: Athena vs. Poseidon over domino for Attica. East Pediment: birth of Athena from the brow of Zeus. Panathaeic procession on a continuous frieze. (unusual because they are ordinary mortals, not gods) the stylobate is a segment of a huge sphere and rises toward the center with column of an inward inclination. Erectheion, 421-405 B.C.E., CALLICRATES most unusual, it housed a shrine to a number of gods, local deities, and heroes, and it stood over several sacred spots. Beneath were the graves of Erectheus and Kekrops. The temple housed a statue of Athena Polias. The Erectheion has several levels: o To the east: 6-column Ionic porch leading to the naos that housed a wooden image of Athena. o
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AlexaArchStdyGde - Temple of Athena Nike Ionic order ca 425...

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