Lecture Four Notes

Lecture Four Notes - Research in Aging If the health of an...

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Research in Aging If the health of an older person in maintained, intellectual functioning will be maintained. True Cognitive Functioning Cross-Sectional Test Longitudinal Study Cross-Sectional Research Researchers conducting a cross-sectional study ask the same information of people in several age groups. Example: What age do you expect to retire? Longitudinal Research Study of one group of people overtime GE 80A Lecture 4 Life Cycle and Social Theory of Aging Damon-Rodriguez Systems Approach Individual, Family, Society Bio/Psycho/Social Model Life Cycle/Biological Psychosocial Theories Psychological – Intrapersonal – with in an individual Social – Interpersonal –others also influence an individual Theories
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The construction of explicit explanations of variables in accounting for empirical findings No pure theories in social science (framework/perspective) Multiple theories representing various aspects of the aging process Provide different lenses through which to view and explain phenomena of aging Process of theory building Theories of Aging Micro Theories – focus on individual Mezzo Macro – focus on society Micro Theories Disengagement Theory o “older people, because of inevitable decline with age, become decreasingly active with the outer world and increasing preoccupied with their inner lives” Activity Theory o Introduced in late 1940’s Compare USA/Japan by Robert Havinghurst o Active older people are more satisfied and better adjusted o Older person’s self-concept in validated through various social roles
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Lecture Four Notes - Research in Aging If the health of an...

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