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quiz 7 key - balancer chromosome What effect does the...

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Name_____________________________  BIOLOGY 325H QUIZ 7  [5 pts] _____________________________________________________________ 1.  [2 pts]  What is a genetic marker, and how is it used to trace a chromosome during a sequence of genetic  crosses? A genetic marker is an allele that produces an easily discernable phenotype. If the genetic marker is   located on a particular chromosome, offspring who display the phenotype are assumed to have   inherited that chromosome. 2.  [1.5 pts] In the Heidelberg screen, the offspring of the mutagenized males were mated to females carrying a 
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Unformatted text preview: balancer chromosome. What effect does the balancer chromosome have on the transmission of alleles from parent to offspring? A balancer chromosome suppresses crossing over with the homologous chromosome. 3. [1.5 pt] What is it about the physical structure of a balancer chromosome that gives it this property? Name_____________________________ A balancer chromosome has a large internal inversion relative to the wild-type chromosome. The inversion is flanked on either end by the normally oriented tips of the two chromosome arms....
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