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INT A-4 - The price list displayed below lists the 10 tours...

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Make your next tour a QST tour! From the QST Vancouver branch office, you can explore Western Canada year round. Have you always wanted to paddle a kayak past a pod of Orcas in the mist-shrouded waters off Haida Gwai? Would you enjoy a sun soaked week sampling award-winning wines from the vintners of the Okanagan—British Columbia’s answer to Provence? Or does digging for dinosaur bones in the badlands of Alberta suit your style? Then you are ready for a QST Vancouver tour!
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Unformatted text preview: The price list displayed below lists the 10 tours that will be run in 2010 from QST Vancouver. Note the three tours highlighted in purple. These tours include attendance at selected events in the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver-Whistler. These tours will sell out fast! To book your tour, call 604 555-2332, e-mail us at [email protected] or book online at www.questspecialtytravel.com ....
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