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INT B-2 - Saskatoon SK 15-Aug-10 QST Vancouver employs the...

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QST Vancouver 2010 Tours Following is a list of the ten most popular tours offered by QST Vancouver in 2010. Tour Name Location Start Date 2010 Celebration Vancouver, BC 12-Feb-10 Cooking and Cruising Gulf Islands, BC 15-Jul-10 Digging for Dinosaurs Drumheller, AB 20-Jul-10 Eagle Spirit Quest Fort McMurray, AB 14-Jul-10 Grizzly Country Banff, AB 2-Aug-10 Pacific Odyssey Tofino, BC 1-Jul-10 Peaks and Valleys Jasper, AB 30-Jul-10 Snow Days Whistler, BC 12-Feb-10 Whitewater Explorations Kamloops, BC 2-Aug-10 Wilderness Canoeing
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Unformatted text preview: Saskatoon, SK 15-Aug-10 QST Vancouver employs the six tour guides listed below to run the 2010 tours. Note that many of these guides also run tours for other QST branch offices worldwide. Last Name First Name Home Base Phone Burns Donovan Kamloops, BC 250-555-7809 Harrison Joyce Vancouver, BC 604-555-3335 Janzen Gordon Regina, SK 306-555-7676 Liu Grace Vancouver, BC 604-555-3224 Tremaine Dominique Edmonton, AB 780-555-3443 Wertz Ron Victoria, BC 250-555-7788...
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