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Midterm Review - Midterm Review ID's (definition,...

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Midterm Review ID’s (definition, significance, examples) Psychographics : Like demographics, is a system to find out what kinds of people are watching what kinds of programming. Psychographics is much more complex and specific that demographics which only focuses on sex, age, race. Criteria for segmenting consumers by lifestyle, attitudes, beliefs, values, personality, buying motives, and/or extent of product usage. o Examples: would be a program aimed towards a certain religion, or maybe even political stance. “Oprah” or “Daily Show” could be examples that cater to certain psychographics Niche Audience : 1980s, during avent of cable, networks construct notion of appealing to specific demographic, particular product for particular group, sponssorhhip became a matching exercise for sponsors, stations, and networks Narrowcasting: 1980s, during the advent of cable, when networks began to devote their programming to niche audiences. This is when entire networks would appeal only to a very specific demographic. (better #s over bigger #s) o Significance: forced sponsors to match up with particular stations/networks, and also fragmented audiences. o Examples: MTV or Cartoon Network; appeal to certain demographics and at times purposefully turn away unwanted viewers Dominant Ideology : Common set of beliefs or principles that the majority of a society or group shares. What the media represents; benefits rich, powerful (ideas on race, class, ethnicity, sexuality) o Significance: This ideology may either influence the content of the programming or even dictate particular readings of the text. o Examples: “Leave it to Beaver” or even “Extreme-Makeover Home Edition.” Dream of suburbia, upper-middle class w/ two kids Convergence : Age where TV has been converged (yielded into the same) with many other forms of media, including DVDs and Internet. o Significance: sphere of influence of media is greatly expanding. o Example: After viewing “Lost” on television, a fan can purchase the DVD, watch it on his/her iPod, or even view clips on the Internet. Dominant reading : When the viewer fully shares the text’s code, believes and absorbs all the values and ideas put forth. Total believability.
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Midterm Review - Midterm Review ID's (definition,...

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