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Lab 13 Procedure - 7 On the data sheet write net ionic...

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Lab 13 Procedure Adam Golman & Rich Skinner Part I Double Displacement 1. Obtain dropping bottles of all the reagents listed in Part I of the Data sheet 2. On the data sheet write the molecule form of each metathesis reason 3. Use separate small clean test tubes for each mixture. 4. Using 5 drops of each solution, mix the combinations listed on the data sheet 5. Mix well and record evidence of reaction noting formation of precipitate, gas evolution, generation of heat or cold. 6. Use the table of solubility rules on pg 360 to determine which reasons should form precipitates and your observations to determine the product that cause the metathesis
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Unformatted text preview: 7. On the data sheet write net ionic reaction equations Part II Redox Reaction 1. From the equipment table, obtain dropping bottles for all the reagents listed in the data sheet 2. Use separate test tubes 3. Mix base on data sheet using 5 drops of the liquids, 2small piece of the metal and one micro spatula of crystals 4. Record reactions and write balanced equation. Part III Identification of Ions 1. Inspect displace and record observations on Data sheet III. Group common ions together. Are certain color associated with the ions listed...
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