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Adam Golman Grade Inflation 2/28/2008 “Go to school, get good grades, get into a good college, get a good job, and have a good life. Go to school, get good grades…” and on and on. Every student will admit this string of logic has been drilled, filled, and cemented in to our brains since our school careers began. We have been brainwashed into thinking the only way we can live a good life is if we get good grades, in order to get into college, and get a good job. This indoctrination has caused students to not earn their grades, but to go to enormous lengths to simply get them. Teachers and professors feed into this grade obsession by lowering their standards and giving high credit to non-deserving efforts. These bad practices have fathered the major problem of grade inflation. Parents put extraordinary amounts of pressure on their children to succeed in school with the belief that it will create a better life for them. By pre-school, parents are already willing to drop significant amounts of money to give their kids an opportunity to succeed later on in their academic careers. Kindergarten through twelfth grade, the parents’ focus is on the grades received. Some parents will dish out money to inspire kids to get better grades. Yes, this pressure yields better grades from their kids; however, it has a much more negative result on students. The parents’ focus on the grade itself is academically unhealthy. Some, students
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Essay 1 Grade Inflation - Adam Golman Grade Inflation"Go to...

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