Fuck outline - iii Adjective John always complains about...

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1) Fuck also known as the F-word a) Can be used to describe love, hate, pain and pleasure b) Derived from german Frichen – To Strike c) Some believe It was an Acronym in ancient Ireland i) If a couple were caught committing adultery , they would be punished "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge In the Nude", with "FUCKIN" written on the stocks above them to denote the crime. (wikipedia) 2) Much controversy over the word in formal situations, offensive, censored a) Informally very popular, varies from all ages, i) usually starts at about 12 when kids get into middle school. b) While most common definition is to have sexual intercourse with, it can also mean other things. 3) Falls into many grammatical categories i) Transitive verb- John Fucked Jane ii) Intransitive verb- Jane Fucks
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Unformatted text preview: iii) Adjective- John always complains about his fucking homework iv) Adverb- Jane fucking complains too much. v) Noun- I really don’t give a fuck. 4) Its very commonly used to add emphasis on a situation a) I am fucked, I don’t give a fuck, fuck it, This is fucking hard, etc 5) Fuck is arguably, the most vulgar word in the English dictionary to the older generation. a) To my generation, it appears in every day language and is not as offensive. b) The word dulls itself with more use c) For Someone who never curses, to use it is very powerful. d) Becareful who you used the word around. e) One of the great things of the word is, when used it will always be grammatically correct....
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Fuck outline - iii Adjective John always complains about...

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