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Lab 6 Procedure Adam Golman 1. Weight the 250 mL beaker to 0.001 grams and record the weight. 2. Add 0.75 grams of the unknown to the beaker reweigh to 0.001 grams and record the weight. 3. Add 100 mL of distilled water to the beaker and unknown and stir for two minutes. 4. Place a piece of filer paper on an evaporating dish, weight and record 5. Assemble a vacuum filtration unit using the piece of pre-weighed filter paper. 6. Moisten the paper with water and start the filer. 7. Stir the contents and slowly and carefully pour the contents of the beaker through the filter. 8. Make sure all solids are transferred to the filter by rinsing the beaker with small portions of distilled water and pouring them through the filter also. 9. If the filtrate is cloudy disconnect the filtration unit and transfer the liquid to the beaker.
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Unformatted text preview: Re-filter through the same paper. 10. Continue pulling a vacuum through the precipitate on the filter paper for a few minutes after all the liquid has been filtered to help pre dry the solid 11. Place the filter paper with solid on it back on the evaporating dish and place in the oven for 20 minutes 12. After 20 minutes place everything in the Desicooler. 13. When the materials cool weight and record 14. Place about 2 mL of the filtrate in each of two small test tubes. 15. To the first test tube add several drops of 1M Na 2 CO 3 and record. 16. To the second add several drops of the Ba mixture 17. These tests will be used to determine the limiting reactant....
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