Lab 32 Procedure - S2 S3 14 Add 10mLs of...

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Lab 32 Procedure Adam Golman 1. Open door to cell holder and make sure it is empty 2. Warm up requires about 30 minutes 3. All glassware should be cleaned using 3M HCl 4. Obtain 50 mL of standard phosphate in a clean small flask. 5. If the flask is wet inside, your final rinse should be with a small amount of the standard phosphate solution. 6. Likewise rinse the 5Ml pipet with the phosphate solutions 7. Insert the top of the puppet gently into the Pi- Pump to create a seal, but do not force 8. Turn the wheel on the pump to draw the solutions and dispense exactly 1mL of it into a 100mL graduated cylinder 9. Fill the cylinder with water to the 50ml level, adding the final portion drop wise for accuracy 10. Pour the solution into a clean dry beaker of flask and label 11. Repeat using 2mL, 3mL, 4mL and 5mL so there are 5 solutions 12.Now add 50mLs to another beaker as a control and set the baseline zero for the spec 20 13. In 3 more beakers, measure 50mLs of unknown water sample and label S1,
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Unformatted text preview: S2, S3 14. Add 10mLs of vanadanate/molybdate reagent to each of the 9 solutions 15. Press the nm button to select the wavelength 420nm. 16. Press the ATC button to select A in order to read absorbance 17. Fill a cuvette about 2/3 full with the blank, insert it in the cell holder, and close the door 18. Press the 0 ABS 100%t button to set absorbance level to zero. 19. Remove the blank, rinse with water , fill it 2/3 full with first standard and insert into cell holder. 20.Record absorbance on report sheet. Repeat with 4 other standards and 4 water samples 21. Graph solution vs concentration. 22.Calculate the average absorbance of the 3 water samples record and then use to determine the average concentration of phosphates in sample 23.Report value and the source of water to TA Hazards: dispose of everything in proper containers, wear gloves when handling vanadanate soltuion...
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Lab 32 Procedure - S2 S3 14 Add 10mLs of...

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