Lab 19 Procedure - 10. Add the NaOH slowly while swirling...

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Lab 19 Adam Golman Rich Skinner Part A: Determination of NaOH Concentration 1. Obtain two burettes and wash them 2. Add 10 mL of 3 M NaOH to 290 mL of disttled water in a 600mL beaker and stir for two minutes 3. In a clean 150ml beaker obtain 75ml of hcl and record molarity. 4. Rinse burette with 5 ml of hcl 5. Fill the burette completely and allow some of the hcl to drain 6. Stir the hcl well and fill the burett 7. Read and record 8. Prepare the analyte solution in a 250mL flask by adding about 25 mL of distilled water, 15mL of the standard Hcl solution from the burette and 5 drops of 0.2% phenolphthalein. 9. Touch the tip of the burett inside of the flask to remove any partial HCl drops
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Unformatted text preview: 10. Add the NaOH slowly while swirling 11. As the endpoint is reached, it will just turn from clear to pink. 12.Repeat the tirtration procedure three or more times until 3 consistent NaOH concentrations are obtained. DONT THROW AWAY 13. Calculate the morality and compare with other groups Part B: Equivalent Weight of an Unknown Acid. 1. Obtain an unknown solid sample 2. Weigh a flask 3. Weigh again with solid 4. Prepare the solution by adding 50ml of distilled water and .2% of phenol stuff 5. Refill the burett with NaOH 6. HCl will only be need if back titration is needed. 7. Titrate to the endpoing....
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Lab 19 Procedure - 10. Add the NaOH slowly while swirling...

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