Exam 2 Study Guide - Syntax Zeroes(m,n) Ones(m,n) Plot(x,y)...

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Syntax Zeroes(m,n) Ones(m,n) Plot(x,y) title(‘My Graph’) Xlabel(‘IV’) Ylabel(‘DV’) Grid on/off Figure(2) hold on/off Plot(x,y ‘: o k’) Indics: solid- dotted: dash dot -. dashed – Points: . o x + * s quare d iamond v ^ < > p enta h epta Bar(x) Barh Bar3h pie pie3 hist Ex: load weight.dat Subplot(1,2,1) Plotweight Title(‘Weight of Freshman Class Men’) Xlabel y label grid on Subplot(1,2,2) hist(weight) X label y lable Meshgrid when you want to combine two matrices with x / + - element by element [g,t]=meshgrid(G,T) Nargin(‘size’) how many inputs Nargout- outputs; if -1 then it varies Uiimport( ‘filename.extension’) <=; >=; ==; R= rand (12,100) For something= R *Returns the first column* (strips the first dimension) For another thing = something’ *Returns a single value* A= [1:3] B= [1:4] C= meshgrid (A,B) C= 4x3 (everything has an element to be added) City= input(‘enter name of a city’) Switch city Case ‘Boston’ disp… Case’Denver’ disp… Otherwise disp not on file Selection = menu(‘Do you want fries with that? ‘, ‘Yes’, ‘No’) Switch selection Case 2 Disp(‘Dude, you’’re getting fries!’) Case 2 Disp(‘Good Choice.’) Interpolation yi = interp1( x, Y, xi) interpolates to find it yi = interp1( Y, xi) yi = interp1( x, Y, xi, method) yi = interp1( x, Y, xi, method, 'extrap') yi = interp1( x, Y, xi, method, extrapval) pp = interp1( x, Y, method, 'pp') X Must be a vector If y is a scalar - Then must have same length of x If x is a scalar- y is to have the same lngth as x. Xi can be sclr Vctr Multidimensional array Yi is the same size as xi: If xi is a scalar or vector, size(yi) equals [length(xi), d1, d2, . .., dk]. If xi is an array of size [m1,m2], yi has size [m1,m2,. ..,mj,d1,d2,. ..,dk o yi = interp1(Y,xi) assumes that x = 1:N, o N is the length of Y for vector Y, Yi=interp1(y,xi) X=1:N Where N is the length of y for vector Yi=inter1( x,y, xi, method) Nearest Linear- straight line (slope) Spline- cubic’s it Pchip- smooth and repsects monotonicity Cubic- same ^ V5cubic- used in matlab does not extrapolate if x is not equally space spline is used It finds values at intermediate points along a one-dimensional function that underlies the data. Interpolation is the same operation as table lookup . Described in table lookup terms, the table is [x,Y] and interp1 looks up the elements of xi in x, and, based upon their locations, returns values yi interpolated within the elements of Y. Table -p =
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Exam 2 Study Guide - Syntax Zeroes(m,n) Ones(m,n) Plot(x,y)...

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