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L ECTURE 5 O PPIE : Oppenheimer and Los Alamos (1943) 3. “Oppie”: J. Robert Oppenheimer A. Personality & Politics oppenheimer graduates harvard, they thought since he was a genius in physics -- he should spend some time in england (cavendish). he gets to cambridge, they don't like him. they like hands-on stuff, but he doesn't like it, he's a theorist . .. complex mathematician. he cannot get the experiments to work. he had two mental breakdowns. leaves cambridge and goes to germany, this is before the nazi's have seized power, where there is a mecca for quantum physics. given jobs at berkeley and cal tech. he takes both. he terrorizes students during teaching. developed a cult, and a lot of enemies. groves is also thinking about who to hire administrator for the science project. groves insists that it be oppie. speculation: groves looks for somebody who is not a senior scientist who thinks he is better than he is. oppenheimer had not won the nobel prize at this point.
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